Anybody with a shovel can dig a hole, but when you need large amounts of earth moved quickly and professionally, you need Jim Riley & Sons Construction & Excavating! With more than 4 decades of digging foundations, trenches, and prepping worksites, you can rely on us to handle all of your excavation needs. All it takes is one call to get your local experts on the job!

Professional help when you need it most

With excavators and trenchers like ours, even the biggest of digging jobs are done quickly! When you need to get your project started on time, give us a call!

Let your contractors do what they do best - build, and let us do what we do best - lay the groundwork for their success! As a trusted name in excavation, we've worked with all local contractors.

Your partners in excavation

 •  Excavation

 •  Grading

 •  Ponds

 •  Residential site development

Complete excavation services:

 •  Building pads

 •  Streets

 •  Parking lots

 •  Commercial site development

 •  Trenching

 •  Trucking / Hauling

 •  Building demolition

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